Hospital Visiting!

Well i’ve just got home from visiting my Dad in hospital. He’s not very well at the moment bless him but he’s feeling better now and desperate to be back at home after day 12 in there! But it dawned on me today as i was sat there three hours is a long time to find things to talk about!! Does anyone else find that although sometimes you spend a whole day with someone its not a problem but when theres nothing else to do but make conversation you struggle to find things to say? I’ve started taking the newspaper with me but when is there ever any good news in the paper??? I always worry about depressing him more lol!

Its hard at the moment with Dad in hospital and my fiance in America but whenever i feel it getting on top of me i can’t stress how picking up my needles and doing a few rows makes my shoulders come down a level or two!

Sorry for the depressing post! See you all tomorrow!

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2 Responses to Hospital Visiting!

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    I understand. My Mom was in the hospital after surgery a few months ago and there’s just not much you can do. I brought my knitting along and it helped pass the time in the waiting room while she was recovering.

    • knitnstitch says:

      I thought about that to but he was up and about and when i’m knitting i tend to get absorbed lol. Luckily he really likes my fiance and was keen to hear all about how he was getting on out in the US so that made it a bit easier 🙂

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