So much going on!!

I know I’ve been slovenly and not written for a while but sooo much has been going on!

I’ll start from the beginning! I have good news!! We’ve decided to bring our wedding forward!!! Instead of September 2012 we’re hoping to get a date in July 2011! So as you can imagine I have been in a whirlwind of planning!! Even my knitting has been put to one side 😛

I went dress shopping last weekend and i managed to find the perfect dress in the first shop i went to! I’d love to share it with you all but Nick might look!! I’m off to the bridal store tomorrow to be fitted for the dress and pay! It’ll take 8 months to make so I can put that one on the back burner for the meantime, I’m now onto which we can’t book for another couple of weeks so I’ve got everything crossed we get the date we want!

My living room is turning into a workshop I’ve got card making materials everywhere!! I’m now late with my save the date cards so I’m working hard to get them finished! When they’re all done I’ll put them on here!

I’ve been hunting for inspiration for a new knitting project…I like knitting home wear rather than clothing but I’m struggling to find something that’s relatively easy to do any suggestions? I haven’t had time to knit much lately..I’ve been away with work in Bournemouth for the last three days so I’m glad to be home and picking up my knitting again!

Right it may be a Friday night but after three days away i need to do some housework!! Such a wild young thing me! Speak to you all soon!

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6 Responses to So much going on!!

  1. Stacey says:

    Congrats on the wedding date! Mine was a bit crazed. Since hubs came into the country on a K1 visa, I wasn’t quite sure when he’d arrive, so I picked a date on faith. Then I went and got knocked up, so the dress I had picked wouldn’t work! There were mad ups and downs, but at least the groom made it into the country on time 🙂

    • knitnstitch says:

      Thanks! I was sat here all smug that I had two years to get it all done and now i find i’m behind with everything lol! My other half is based in the US at the moment so i have the task of doing this on my own lol!! Although if i’m honest he’d probably get under my feet (if he reads this he’ll tell me off :P) Oh no i bet that was a drama! I’m not very good under pressure so no doubt the closer I get to the day the more bridezilla i’ll become 😛

  2. Enas Yorl says:

    Ok, Important Real Life stuff is allowed to intrude on blogging obligations :-). Congrats on the new date! I’m sure you will be fine. It’s a whole year away!

    As for knitting projects, have you ever tried Moebius knitting? It’s circular knitting on long cable needles with a half-twist in it. It’s really cool! I made my Mom a scarf recently and it went really fast. Check out Cat Bordhi on how to get started. She has a couple books out on it for patterns & such.

    • knitnstitch says:

      That ok them 🙂 Thanks i’m really excited but am starting to realise how much is involved in doing it lol!

      Nope i’ve never tried it! I’ll have a look! Is it an easyish style to do as i’m a novice remember 😛

  3. Enas Yorl says:

    Yes, it’s dead simple once you get started. The cast-on process is a litte tricky the first couple of times you do it and the first round is a bit funky but after that you really can’t go wrong. The moebius strip has interesting properties and it’s interesting to see how it works in knitting.

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