I love Sundays….It’s usually my day to slob about before work starts tomorrow! Not today though! 😦 I have been seriously neglecting the housework this week and have a washing monster that’s spilling out of the laundry bin. so my plan of action is to attack that this morning with some cleaning and decluttering this afternoon….such a wild young thing me 🙂

I’m coming to realise that I am a horder!! I seem to keep everything and then once a month I end up having a blitz to bring back some kind of order lol!

I’ve also go to do some more save the date cards and invites…I think I’m going to get permanent cramp in my hands by the time i get married…Heres a work in progress for you I’ve still got to add the ribbon to the inside edge to house the inserts

So I’ve had quite a good week this week I got to spend three days of work in Bournemouth which is a lovely place on the south coast of England. The only dampener was an announcement with work that said the product that I look after is being withdrawn from the market!!! Although luckily my job is safe at the moment as i still have to manage the customers we already have so I’m not immediately at risk which is good news! We went out on a boat trip to watch some fireworks in Poole Harbour one evening and I managed to get two stunning photos! Check them out…

Well that’s it for today the housework awaits!!

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2 Responses to Sundays!

  1. wak3 says:

    Gorgeous pictures!

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