What a Day!

I have had the most topsy-turvy day! It actually probably started yesterday when i had to take the car into the garage because it was playing up…..again! They took it off me over night as it wasn’t safe to drive as apparently there was something wrong with the throttle. So I had the pleasure of my other halfs Ford ASBO lol although i can’t really say that was a bad thing as as much as i hate to admit it I LOVE driving it despite its go faster white stripes 😛

So onto today lol I had some good news! I’ve been given acting responsibility for the whole account I work on!! Sooo chuffed apart from the fact that it’s not a permanent promotion yet so I get all of the responsibility but none of the extra money! 🙂 Then the garage rung to say the car was ready so I went off to pick it up and whilst driving home I got a flat so had to wait an hour and a half for the AA to arrive!

So all in all a bit of a nightmare and as I sit here with my cup of tea, catching up on the Simpsons I am knitting like a mad woman trying to calm myself down! I am now working on a similar blanket to the last one that I posted on here but I’m hoping practice makes perfect and this one will be a bit tidier! But I promise I will work up the courage to try Moebius knitting soon!! 🙂

See you all later x

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