Oh what a week!

Never again will I moan about being quiet in work! This week has been manic….although I did get to spend two of the days working in the London office which is always a bit more chilled out. I was staying in an awesome hotel in covent garden, surrounded by shops (a girls dream! I could walk out of the hotel straight into Superdry!!)

So this weekend is turning into a lazy weekend to get over the manic week. My knitting is struggling this week with the new job and I’ve spent most of the day going through my collection of wedding brochures that I’ve picked up at various fayre’s over the last few months and had a chuck out as seriously my leaflet collecting obsession was getting beyond!!

I’ve been watching scrubs on and off throughout the day and am beginning to get an inappropriate crush on JD!! Soooo cute! which also leads to my other guilty secret that I have a schoolgirl crush on Hugh Laurie!! I would like to add only in house and not in blackadder! Nick reckons it’s because they play doctors and I replied no I think I just like sarcastic men 😛 (It seemed funnier when I said that to him than when I write it now!)

The wedding plans are steaming on and my sisters steaming on with them….she says she’s living her dream through me as im the youngest and getting married first! I’m sure that statement will cause a few rows when I do stuff she doesn’t like further down the line!! Theres not much left to do after I finally finish the staitionary….which hopefully will be in the next few weeks so I’ll make sure I get the final versions on here to show you all!

Well that’s it from me for now I’m off for coffee and scrubs!

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