The fight of the trifids continues….

So far from my Sunday being a day of rest I decided to tackle the garden…AGAIN! I think I’ve mentioned before the mess my old tenants left the garden in but I tackle that a few weeks ago now and I haven’t been able to get out into the garden to carry on, either because of work or because of our pants summer! So I thought I’d do a quick post to show you progress!!

So it doesn’t look too bad but when you look at what I’m up against from my neighbours gardens I think I’m in for a long battle!!!

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4 Responses to The fight of the trifids continues….

  1. Enas Yorl says:

    Good luck with the gardening! I detest yard work myself and do as little as humanly possible. Fortunately I have a house with no yard so that actually works out well. 😀

  2. Enas Yorl says:

    Come and check out my möbius scarf!

    • knitnstitch says:

      I love it!! I’ll definately have to give it a go! I’ve just started some baby booties for a friend and then i’ll so be on it! I’ve got over my knitting funk and at the moment it seems its the only thing I want to do!!

      I’ll catch up on your blog later but I hope you had a fab holiday!!

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