So Sunday is supposed to be housework day for me! But to avoid starting I went of this morning to do some food shopping…and while I was there I picked up a card making magazine!! Now this normally happens when my knittings not going well, (I’m having trouble with increasing and keeping the moss stitch going) I tend to turn back to card making as I know I can do that reasonably 🙂

So knitting and housework have gone out the window today and I’ve made some cards. Yes I am well aware it’s too early to be making Christmas Cards but it made for a very therapeutic day…which was definitely well received. It even made me think some more about turning this particular hobby into something more. So what do you think? I’ve only added a few of them on as it would take ages to load them all up!

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2 Responses to Procrastination

  1. egratsia says:

    Love love the cards!!! 🙂 I usually made my cards VERY last minute … and tend to buy from Unicef as well! LOL 🙂

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