A Serious Case of the Holiday Blues

I didn’t update anyone on my holiday last week! I was so excited about the launch of my website and business that it totally went off the radar briefly!

I LOVE the US! You can get all the food that you can’t get in the UK anymore!! Walking into Wal-Mart was to me like a kid walking into a toy shop! All I can say is Lucky Charms!!! You haven’t been able to buy them in the UK since I was a kid so of course I had to buy them (or rather Nick did!)

So we did the Theme park tours this trip! Starting with universal studios….and I have to say I’d been in California 4 days by then and I knew that having my photo taken with Spongebob Squarepants was the highlight of my holiday 🙂 The backlot tour was AMAZING! I expected just to be sat on a bus in the heat looking at buildings but the rides and bits of the tour definitely made it worth the money!

We did Disneyland to and I spent far too much money on goodies from there 🙂

Then we did LA Zoo and the Griffith Observatory on the last Friday before Nick went back to work!

I had such an amazing time! and getting to spend that much time with Nick after having such a long time apart really was the best! I miss him terribly and even on the days when we did nothing but sit around and chill out were some of the best moments that I will cherish until he comes home.

Then….back to the real world! I am exceptionally depressed after having the longest period of time off work since I started in my company eight years ago. But I officially declared myself self-employed and published my website, which even though its still in its baby stages and needs a fair bit of work, I’m really proud of what I’ve done….although its been a bit of a struggle getting on the search engines and now I’m on I’m so far down the list than unless you search for allysstationery.co.uk I don’t come up! But hey I’m on there somewhere!

Then I’ve spent most of my week in Leeds with work. Being in a hotel room on your own with the holiday blues is not good! I have eaten so much junk in the last three days I’ll never get into my wedding dress at the rate!

Which moves me nicely into the wedding plans! Touch wood so far its going well! The Save the Date Cards (they’re on my website now!) are being packed and sent this week! and then onto the official invites to get them finished by early next year. The dress has been ordered, The venue is booked and so is the church! Ten months to go and I’m so excited already!

Which brings me onto the final part of my update. I know I’m supposed to finish on a high but unfortunately I have to report that the knitting has gone down the drain yet again! I’ve had so much on and with a lack of inspiration it has been relegated to the basket for now. But I promise as soon as things calm down again…it will be back

Nat x

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2 Responses to A Serious Case of the Holiday Blues

  1. egratsia says:

    Congratulations on getting so much stuff done!!! Will you be moving to the States when you get married?

    • knitnstitch says:

      We’re hoping so! I was hoping to go out before we got married but its so difficult as i’d have to go out on a tourist visa as i’m not recognised as a partner until we’re married!

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