Miserable Sundays!

Well the weather has been absolutely miserable today! I’ve avoided the temptation to sit on here blog hopping and working on my website to really get stuck into my monster pile of ironing! I fought it and I won! It was nearly as big as me but it’s all done and tidied away and my living room looks so much better for it.

If I’m honest I was using it as a bit of a distraction technique today for two reasons….1. I miss Nick like crazy today! and 2. I’m spending ALL my free time getting my business up and running and working full-time to the point where all I get to do is work and sleep so I was determined to give myself a day off! even if it was just to do the ironing! lol

I did the depressing task today of packing away my summer clothes and getting the winter jumpers out 😦 I don’t mind winter…in fact I quite like it! I love it when the sun’s out and its crisp and bright and I’m wrapped up in a scarf and winter coat….what I hate about winter is the rain! I don’t mind being cold but not cold and wet, which unfortunately seems to be an occupational hazard of living in the UK! 🙂

So now I’ve dropped in on you all I’m off to make Chicken Fajitas for my tea and I might sneak in a few wedding invitations tonight (see I can’t leave it alone! not even for a day)

Nat x

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