Another week!

Well another week passes but this week was a little bit special because…..It was my birthday!! I’m the grand old age of 25 and a fair few of my friends have told me that after this one i’m not supposed to celebrate anymore! 🙂 I can tell i’m getting older though because my birthday presents are becoming more practical! I remember when I first moved out of my parents place and for the next few special occasions I had an awesome selection of sheets, duvet covers and pots and pans 🙂

This year it was all about the business….I got a new whizzy label printer and Office pro as well as a not so business related but awesome in its awesomeness Radley Passport Holder from Nicks parents. I love all things Radley!!!

The business is coming along and it feels good to be on the road to turning this hobby into such a satisfying venture! I’ve only made a couple of new cards this week…. 

They are simple cards but sometimes I think you can overdo it with all the different things you can put on cards! So these will be on my website to!

I’m also getting everything ready to launch wedding favors on the website so once again my house is full of cardboard boxes while I get everything ready to go! I’m waiting on one more box of ribbon and i’ll have the task of making some up to photograph! I’m starting to think that I may be using the business as an excuse to go shopping lol i’ve substituted my yarn obsession with an all things crafty obssession

I’m pleased to report I have started knitting again!!! I’m knitting a Jade seam cushion (pattern by Erika Knight) and if it goes well I may do a couple more to replace the slightly worn ones living on my sofas!

Well I’m signing off the usual sunday hoovering awaits! and a bit of website updating later to (I can’t resist it)

Nat x

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4 Responses to Another week!

  1. Jenice says:

    These are so cute! So you are a greeting card maker too!

    • knitnstitch says:

      Thank you so much! I am, i’ve been doing as a hobby for years so I thought I’d try and make something more of it! It’s a bit scary at the moment though so I’m still working full time to fund it but I thought it was about time i got out of the boring nine to five and tried to find some real job satisfaction lol! I really like your blog and I hope you don’t mind but i’d like to add you to the blog roll on mine?

  2. Jenice says:

    Thanks! I wanted to ask the same! Go right ahead.
    And I understand about trying to fund a hobby. I’ve made a little money but never anything that will make me rich!

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