Cushion Crisis!

I’ve spent all week working on my cushion pattern and have just had a minor crisis! I’ve done all the blocks for the front but was halfway through the back panel when I realised I was going to run out of yarn!! (schoolboy error I know!) So I thought to myself no problem I’ll just gets some more… such luck I’ve search high and low for the jade colour wool only to find out its been discontinued!! So I’m stuck I think I might just cheat and do a fabric back in a similar colour! So here it is before disaster struck!

I was really impressed that it only took a week to get so far (I’m a pretty slow knitter still) I guess I’ll work up the front now and then find something for the back!

In other news Dad is back out of hospital and looking better than he has done in a long time! So he’s happily at home snapping some decent photos of my cards as my camera’s not really powerful enough to do it justice! So when he’s done them all I’ll post them all up!

The wedding is going well…i’ve surprised myself all we have left to do is the photographer really and then look at our mini moon 🙂 I’ve nearly finished all the invites now so when they’re done I’ll share them with you (I’m sharing a lot 🙂 )

I went out today and got loads of goodies in my local craft store sale but I’m running out of card blanks now so I need to wait for the next delivery  to come in 🙂

Well that’s all for this week I’m off for some blog hopping 🙂

Nat x

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