A mission of the Christmas Card Variety!

So I have spent my entire Sunday making my christmas cards! Much to the disappointment of the house that was due a good clean today šŸ˜› These aren’t going to be on my website as they are for my family etc and made with my competition win!! But before I show you them, I want to show you this!!

I am totally taken with this card! Sarah who runs the Handmade Card Blog send this to me this week! I don’t rave about many things but I love this card! You should definitely check out her blog too!

So onto what I’veĀ done today! I’ve loaded only a few on as I’veĀ made lots of similar ones but with different backing paper (all backing paper is from Papermania’sĀ Henbury Lane collection)

This one probably took me the longest to make with all the detail on it! The toppersĀ are from my bag of bits and bobs that I collect and the backing paperĀ is from the papermania pack

I’ve been wondering what to do with these little gingerbread men (and women) for ages!!

I loved this more traditional one, so…..I made it in three colours! The red above and a burgundy and green one to!!

And finally my little round robin! My sister wanted a batch of these soĀ  I’ve been making them up for her today!

Well that’s all for today folks

Nat x


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