Typical British Weather….

Well It’s the day before I’m official back to work 😦 It’s going to be a manic week of catching up on everything! So I thought I’d take an hour off to make a card and do a spot of blog hopping!

The weather today has been horrific! I wish it would make up its mind!! It’s moved from full on snow to torrential rain! Which doesn’t make the day before work blues any better 😛

So I made a quick card in between doing work emails and getting a groceries shop in today and here it is…..

It’s only a quick one…I picked up these blanks when I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t realise they also contained a sheet of acetate for glass painting! I can’t say I’m a very good painter so instead of using the acetate for that…I put two pieces of mulberry paper (one on the front and one on the back of the acetate and attached a glitter fabric heart that I picked up last week! It looks really good when you let the light pass through the covered acetate so I’m quite chuffed with it!

Well off to get ready for work!!

Speak to you soon

Nat x


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2 Responses to Typical British Weather….

  1. Hey Nat,

    I’ve nominated you for my stylish blogger award! You can check out the details in my latest post here http://illustratekate.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/get-to-know-me/


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