My Wedding Gift List!

I have had the most awesome shopping trip today!

Me and my other half were let loose in John Lewis Department Store with a handheld scanner! We were doing our wedding list!

It was both a good and slightly worrying experience……Good because what girl doesn’t like to go shopping! but worrying because you face the dilemma of how you look to other people.

What I mean is how expensive is too expensive without people thinking you’re being cheeky! Because the thing is although the gift list is predominantly for our guests there is an opportunity for us to buy off the list after the wedding….so we did agonise over every item we wanted to make sure it wasn’t a cheeky ask 🙂

I have to say (and I’m not on commission or plugging them) the staff in John Lewis were amazing! Even offering to set up the dinner service we wanted to make sure it looked ok….to finding every type of cheese knife they did when we asked about one! They were polite and friendly and I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Well after the stress of shopping without paying as it were I’m now sat down with a much deserved cup of tea while my other half makes fajita’s!

See you soon

Nat x

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