Day out to Longleat!!

Me and the Mr took a day trip to Longleat today to take a break from unpacking boxes! I have to say it is well worth the money!

Here we are wandering round the grounds of the house at the end of our day

The drive round the safari takes about 2 hours but it’s amazing how close you get to some of the animals! BEWARE though it can be so frustrating with people parking all over the place to stop (sometimes you’re at a standstill for a good 15mins before you can get around them!)

Well you learn something new every day!!!

There were such a large array of animals to see that i’ve only included a few! But we happily wiled away a whole day there and would recommend it for anyone!

A splits competition?

We even took on in infamous Monkey Drive through and happily survived unlike some…….

Bet he wished he'd taken his ariel off!

It was amazing how close you were! I even got a nice mucky hand feeding a fallow deer (you’re allowed 🙂 )

Awww So cute!

Ewww Maybe not! And since when did I have Antlers???

And don’t forget the lions and tigers to! (Just remember to keep your window closed…..especially when their like this!)

And finally who could fail to mention Annie the Elephant….now looking happy in her new home after her ordeal with the Circus!

Then back to the House to get stuck in the maze!

All in all we had a fab day! I would definitely recommend it….A bit expensive if it’s a whole family but a grand day out

See you soon

Nat x

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