I’m still here…promise!!

Well it’s been as crazy as ever in the Jones household since we got married….I thought that I’d get a rest after the wedding but with the introduction of Ted the puppy and yet another house move it’s been as manic as ever!!

Ive still managed to get a bit of time to do some crafty and although not knitting I’ve actually done a bit of cross stitch for a change!!

Here’s the WIP


Sorry about the picture quality I’m having to write this on my phone today as my laptop had a dramatic breakdown with a puff of smoke today so I’d say it’s replacement laptop time!!!

This will eventually be two chickens on a log with the rather unusual phrase of…’a trouble shared is a trouble doubled’ I don’t think I like that twist on the proper saying so it might just be the two chickens on a log!! It’s a Margaret sherry anchor kit if anyone wants to know, I’ll keep you updated on progress with the dodgy pictures until I can get on a laptop or PC!

And finally to dear young Ted! He’s had a tough start to his young like so far with a bad infection three weeks ago!


Here’s us on the way back to a traumatic trip to the vets…but bless him he bounced back from that….


….only for us to be told he had hip dysplasia last week…so poor young ted is off for some swimming time to build up his muscles but try telling him he’s supposed to be taking it easy!!!


Well that’s it for today folks I’m off to do some more sewing….I’m a little bit obsessed!!

Nat x

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