Oh Christmas Cake, Oh Christmas cake!

So today I put down my cross stitch (I gave myself a headache last night!) and dusted off my cook book to start making this years christmas cake!

Now I know this makes me sound very Martha Stewart but actually I am no cookery queen…much to Nick’s bad luck! But I love making cakes and this year is the first year in my adult life I’m hosting Christmas Day for my mum!! So I’m going to do it properly…despite the fact that once I tot up the cost of buying the individual ingredients it would be so much cheaper to go to the shop and buy a cake complete with cute decorations, but it’s the principle!! (that same principle didn’t apply to the Christmas pud so thank you Tesco!)

I love old school cookery books and I picked one up a couple of weeks ago from the local Red Cross shop.

It was first published in 1974 (I think) and some of the ingredients are a bit hard to come by for some recipes but the rich fruit cake recipe in it is perfect for a christmas cake

So like a good little cook I got all my ingredients ready….

And can only actually do the first part today! There’s so much dried fruit in this cake and it needs to be soaked overnight in rum and sherry

And here it is covered in booze and ready to soak overnight (my kitchen now smells like a pub!) So that’s all I can really show you on the cake front! I’ll update you when its ready to go in the oven!!

That’s it for today I’m off for a cup of tea and a sneaky biscuit!


Nat x


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