Unpacking mayhem

So we moved house last week and we’re still unpacking!!!! I’ve lost all enthusiasm now and looking for any distraction I picked up an old knitting project! I think I’ve mentioned this one before but as the Queen of all things unfinished it is…..unfinished!!

I’ve only cracked on with it this morning in between moving and unpacking boxes (I figure if I move the boxes around then it might not look so bad!) I’ve had a very needy dog this morning so there’s one excuse to get out of unpacking 🙂



And here’s my WIP update on that knitting!

So this as usual is quite a simple patterened blanket using two balls of wool at a time. I got it from Lion Brand Yarns free pattern selection! It’s a nice and easy one (which is always good for me) and once you’ve got a hang of the blocks you don’t really need to have the pattern to hand (famous last words!)

Well I best get back to trying to make a dent in the unpacking…and then I can put the christmas decorations up 🙂

Nat x


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