Rainy Days and trying new things!

So I’ve been stuck in the house for the last three days thanks to the pantsness of a certain courier company …….*cough* UPS! And even though they’ve had my parcel for three days and telling me it was out for delivery every day it’s only just arrived today (Don’t get me started I could rant about it allllll day!)

So in my down time and throughtout the miserable weather I decided to try for the first time making some felt decorations!!! Now this stemmed from the fact that when I launched Ally’s Crafts I made the decision that I wouldn’t sell anything on it that I hadn’t tried to do or use myself! So now I’ve tried it i’ll be introducing felt….or ordering it and keeping it to myself 😉 I have to admit i’m a little bit hooked now and am proud of actually finishing a project for once!!!!!

So felt decoration number one…..

So I was so chuffed with this one although the bear looked a bit freaky when I tried to sew a face on lol

My second one I got from an awesome blog called allsorts by Jenny B Harris (you can find it here http://allsorts.typepad.com/allsorts/2006/05/softie_scotty_d.html)

This cute little scottie took me ages but with time on my hands I got through it and love it 🙂

 I had some felt pink people from hobby craft so I used that for the collar!

So despite being frustrated at being sat at home for most of the week I managed to get alot done and I know some of you are on the edge of your seats wondering what happened to the christmas cake I was making…..well here it is!!!


 Ta Daaaaaaaaaa!!!! I hope it tastes ok :S

Well all that’s left for me to say now is that I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and heres to a fab new year!!

Nat xx

















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