The Chickens

So the saga of the chicken cross stitch continues!! I’ve finished the actual cross stitching itself and now I’ve got to do the bit I hate…..finishing off! It’s so fiddly! But I’m getting there…So far a leg and a half and a handbag down…….the rest to go!!

In Ted news he’s slowly starting to speak to us again after his trip to the vets last week!



After taking it out on my Uggs for a while he’s turned his attention to the slow destruction of the cone of shame!!! (it got to day five before we could no longer rescue it!!)

In other news we’ve had a bit of a pants start to the week…as some of you may know I was told of my impending redundancy recently, which was ok as I had my ventures to keep me busy and after ten years in financial services I was looking for something new,  plus my husband is in the millitary so with one of us working we would be fine, but today just to pile on the pressure there has been announcements about more redundancies of 1000 jobs in the Royal Air Force here and unfortunately my hubbys branch is affected! Now I know that means its not definately him yet but it means from now until June we’ve got to batten down the hatches and wait it out!

I’m trying to get both of us to stay positive and chilled out about it because to be honest we’re both worriers (especially me) but this year i’m trying to make it the year of the chilled out Nat (i don’t think i’m succeeding so far!)

But with this announcement it does pile on the pressure for us but it also makes me feel a bit sad about what was once the pride of Britain….our armed forces. They’re steeped in tradition and from my short experience so far of them one of the few places where the typical Best Of British values still shine through! It’s such a shame that it continues to be stabbed at until theres nothing strong enough to hold strong our traditions.

Anyway I’m going to get off my soap box now and face the artic conditions to take Ted for a stroll to the post office!!

Speak to you soon!

Nat x

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2 Responses to The Chickens

  1. Julie Jones says:

    Hiya. I love reading these blogs. Keep smiling and stay chilled 🙂

    • knitnstitch says:

      Thanks 🙂 We’re ok Nick’s off to the mess for texas holdum night and I’m for a bath and the latest Louise Bagshaw book 🙂 I think I’m going to be dreaming about stationery after this week!!! See you Sunday x

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