Ted’s a party animal!


Ted’s had a crazy weekend this weekend!

He’s been celebrating having his stitches removed

And making a general pain of himself!

Since he started Hyrdotherapy for his Hip you can’t even have a bath in piece!! Luckily our bath is to high for him to jump!!!

We on the other hand have had a fairly quiet weekend on Saturday we didn’t do a great deal I made an attempt to tidy my craft room and failed whilst Nick was doing work for his Chartered Engineering qualification and on Sunday we had our monthly visit to Costco to get our bulk buy bargains (try saying that really fast!) and managed to take some time to take Ted to the beach…even if we did get blown away!


A tad rough today!

Then a flying visit to Nick’s Mum and Dad’s for a cup of tea and a warm up before coming home for a sunday roast…Before getting back to work!


I had a busy evening (and so far a busy morning!) packing up sales from Ally’s Crafts and working on my next stationery order! This one is for a lovely couple in Bournemouth who have ordered our butterfly range!


Well thats it for now (yes I know there was a distinct lack of knitting or stitching in this update!!! More on that soon) better get back to it!

Speak soon

Nat x

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