Sore Bum!

So my family and friends are sick of me going on about it so I’m going to tell you lot! 🙂 Last week I fell down the stairs!!! The worst thing was I was actually watching where I was going for a change and STILL fell….I wasn’t carrying anything or even checking my phone!!! So the long and short of it was I landed on my BUM and have spent the last week hobbling around whilst trying not to sit down and I’ve made sure everybody knows about it!!! 😀

Still that’s no excuse for not posting for a while! I made a new years resolution this year (yes I know it’s March!!) that I would try to do one craft fair a month….some months I’ve actually ended up with two a month! I also decided I would move away from papercraft and more into my latest obsession…cross stitch!

So with these two changes I suddenly realised I didn’t have a lot of items to sell and have manically been sewing over the last couple of months to make sure I at least have some cross stitch to mingle in with the card stock i already had.

Last weekend I did my second fair of the year in Brackla Community Centre in Bridgend and I broke the don’t spend your profits rule and I brought this….

I love this, I’m not normal a fan of plastic flowers but i’m fascinated by these! and it looks brill on my mantelpiece

My mum and sister also came down for a visit and a bit of sea air and came along to help and brought me and Nick a thank you gift

This is the closet i’m going to get to a well behaved Ted!! 🙂 Fresh out of the kiln the day before the fair….that’s my favorite thing about fairs, the fact that you actually meet the person who made what you’ve brought!

Well that’s all for today Nick’s cooking meatballs for tea nom…nom…nom

Nat x

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