Ranty, Rant, Rant!

Today I will be mostly ranting so for those with a nervous disposition look away now….Just kidding 🙂

My rant for today is about Craft fairs, not the organisers who get up at a crack of a sparrows and spend hours advertising events. Or the stall holders who create their goodies with love, passion and hardwork.  No I am writing about the lovely ladies, gentlemen, boys and girls who come to the fairs to see your wares (see i’m a poet and I don’t know it!)

Now at this point I note the sharp intake of breath from my readers and I’d like to add a disclaimer.  I am NOT talking about the genuinely lovely people who come along with nothing but praise and a genuine interest in what you do…no, I’m taking about all those….I can do thaters and the knock you down on pricers!

I’ve been to more fairs this year than ever before and it makes me sad when I see crafters all bright and optimistic at the start of the fair and by the end of it are mere husks of their former selves swearing that if they hear “I can do that” or (the worst) “That’s easy” one more time they won’t be held responsible for their actions!


Please believe me when I say no one can devalue what you do but YOU when you let these comments get to you! Take to heart the old saying…”Different strokes for different folks”.  Hold your head up high when you look at your stall and all your hardwork and the next time someone makes a misguided comment about what you do just smile and ask yourself are they worthy or you awesome handcrafted item anyway!!

So my rant is over and I promise to get off my box 😛

Take Care

Nat xx

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3 Responses to Ranty, Rant, Rant!

  1. A good point very well made. I know exactly how you feel. Hope you are well my dear xx

  2. Hear hear! Well said :0)

  3. creative pixie says:

    Good rant! I would love to do a craft fair but know it takes an awful lot of work to build up stock etc. so well done to those who do it.

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