Our trip to Center Parcs

So this weekend I took a break from all things crafty and My Hubby, Brother-in-law and his girlfriend took a trip to Center Parcs in Longleat!

I was so excited to go but I did have visions of a Butlins in the woods but I was wrong!! (Sort of!!) They do a Friday to Monday thing and so we arrived to CARNAGE on Friday afternoon we had to queue for half an hour to actually get to the gate and found out once you had unloaded the car at the villa come cabin, which was a good twenty minute slow crawl from the gate in the car, you had to retrace your steps all the way back from where you were staying to the gate to park your car then make you way via the land train for another twenty minute journey back to the villa!!

Sounds exhausting!! It was!!! We started the unpacking only to find that the large majority of the utensils in the kitchen were filthy! So we were starting to wonder what our £400 was for!!

But the funny stories began and we arrived after the brother in law who told us about their lucky escape with a duck!! After leaving the patio door open to cool the place down they were surprised to find a duck  in the living area!! Not just any duck….a fearless duck! After much shouting and flapping of arms and one pecked finger later the duck was finally exciled to the patio!

I soon realised we were going to enjoy ourselves this weekend!! On the Saturday we went to do the ONLY free thing in the park (apart from walking) and that was the pool! On the face of it it looked quite cool it had a lazy river, some slides and rapids! It was RAMMED full of people and there were queues for everything but we were excited to get going! We joined the queue for the rapids and went over the ledge into the toasty warm water and on to the outside world, all was going well until……I went over the first slide and smushed my face into the wall of the rapids and on coming up for air I turn to my brother in laws girlfriend with an astonished look on my face and an ominous gap where one of my front teeth had been!

Yes I snapped off one of my teeth! Now something you should realise about me is I am totally accident prone so but me in any situation where I can hurt myself, I will and this day was no exception! There was no quick exit from the rapids but they are thankfully short and after my DH guided me through the rest I went to the lifeguard who gave me some emergency dentist numbers and the advice of sticking som sugar free gum over the tooth….so attractive!! (I felt slighlty less stupid by the fact the when the others went back to the pool the next day they saw another two broken teeth and a broken nose!)

But in true me style the dentist couldn’t see me and Center Parc policy is not to sell chewing gum!! But I soldiered on and we moved on to a £21 round of crazy golf!

Which was fab! We had a good laugh and we let the men win 😛 We then went onto a pedalo which has to be said was quite good value and even better that us girls didn’t have to pedal around!!

All in all we did have a good chuckle and enjoyed our stay at Center Parcs but I think it was more down to the company an beautiful setting than the rather expensive activities and over crowded pool!! Despite ALL the moaning I’ve done we would go back to Center Parcs but after ALOT of Saving up!!

That’s all for now folks

Nat x

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