Ted’s a party animal!


Ted’s had a crazy weekend this weekend!

He’s been celebrating having his stitches removed

And making a general pain of himself!

Since he started Hyrdotherapy for his Hip you can’t even have a bath in piece!! Luckily our bath is to high for him to jump!!!

We on the other hand have had a fairly quiet weekend on Saturday we didn’t do a great deal I made an attempt to tidy my craft room and failed whilst Nick was doing work for his Chartered Engineering qualification and on Sunday we had our monthly visit to Costco to get our bulk buy bargains (try saying that really fast!) and managed to take some time to take Ted to the beach…even if we did get blown away!


A tad rough today!

Then a flying visit to Nick’s Mum and Dad’s for a cup of tea and a warm up before coming home for a sunday roast…Before getting back to work!


I had a busy evening (and so far a busy morning!) packing up sales from Ally’s Crafts and working on my next stationery order! This one is for a lovely couple in Bournemouth who have ordered our butterfly range!


Well thats it for now (yes I know there was a distinct lack of knitting or stitching in this update!!! More on that soon) better get back to it!

Speak soon

Nat x

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A Busy Ole Week

This week has turned in to a crazy one! I can honestly say I haven’t stopped!

I’ve taken over the dining room to get an order finished and today with the help of a bit of music on the radio I’ve finished it! This was an extra special bespoke order that I did for a bride whose having a festival themed wedding this year! I love the brides idea for her wedding and even though this isn’t an order I would normally take on I loved it!! I was going to share a photo of it with you today but just incase anyone invited to her wedding see’s it I’ll hold off on that one….I’ll show you as soon as I know they’ve gone out 🙂

I’m going to be moving on to my next order now for our butterfly range of wedding stationery for a lovely Bride and Groom in Bournemouth! No rest for the wicked 🙂

I’ve also just done this fuschia pink samples of our elegance range of stationery! I’ve never worked them in this colour before and I think they’re awesomely striking! They are now wending their way to a lovely bride in London!

And to top it all I’m trying to get ready for our first wedding fayre of the season at the Vale Resort Hotel on the 29th!!! I love going to fayres just to hear all the bride & grooms to be’s ideas for their weddings!! (and the freebie dips in the chocolate fountain at the end of the fayre!)

So as you can probably guess not much in the way of sewing or knitting this week! The chicken is still only one leg and a bit of the outline but I am starting my next project….I vow to finish the chickens though!!!!

I know i’ve promised as well that I will work on some of the kits i’ve recently added onto Ally’s Crafts! As soon as I’ve finished this fayre next week I’ll get working on the pink felt owl kit!!

Speak to you soon

Nat x


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The Chickens

So the saga of the chicken cross stitch continues!! I’ve finished the actual cross stitching itself and now I’ve got to do the bit I hate…..finishing off! It’s so fiddly! But I’m getting there…So far a leg and a half and a handbag down…….the rest to go!!

In Ted news he’s slowly starting to speak to us again after his trip to the vets last week!



After taking it out on my Uggs for a while he’s turned his attention to the slow destruction of the cone of shame!!! (it got to day five before we could no longer rescue it!!)

In other news we’ve had a bit of a pants start to the week…as some of you may know I was told of my impending redundancy recently, which was ok as I had my ventures to keep me busy and after ten years in financial services I was looking for something new,  plus my husband is in the millitary so with one of us working we would be fine, but today just to pile on the pressure there has been announcements about more redundancies of 1000 jobs in the Royal Air Force here and unfortunately my hubbys branch is affected! Now I know that means its not definately him yet but it means from now until June we’ve got to batten down the hatches and wait it out!

I’m trying to get both of us to stay positive and chilled out about it because to be honest we’re both worriers (especially me) but this year i’m trying to make it the year of the chilled out Nat (i don’t think i’m succeeding so far!)

But with this announcement it does pile on the pressure for us but it also makes me feel a bit sad about what was once the pride of Britain….our armed forces. They’re steeped in tradition and from my short experience so far of them one of the few places where the typical Best Of British values still shine through! It’s such a shame that it continues to be stabbed at until theres nothing strong enough to hold strong our traditions.

Anyway I’m going to get off my soap box now and face the artic conditions to take Ted for a stroll to the post office!!

Speak to you soon!

Nat x

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Happy New Year!!!!

Happy new year all!!! It’s been a busy old start here with loads of work on with Ally’s Crafts and Ally’s Stationery…So let me bring you up to speed!

We had a fab christmas….we did the grown up thing and hosted our very first christmas! Nick did the cooking and I did the eating 😛 I think it went ok!!

We had a quiet new year with just Nick, Me, Ted & Coconut and I managed to get a few cross stitch projects finished or nearly finished as well as hitting the sales for a few more!! Here’s a couple!

This little one will eventually be added to a card for easter (yup I’m on easter already!!!)


And this cute little mouse a valentines card!!! (They’ll be in my folksy shop once I’ve finished them off!)

In other work…the big cross stitch is nearly finished!! Here’s the WIP


I’ve also been kept out of mischief with Ally’s Stationery!! I’ve just finished an order today and a lovely sample is winding it’s way to a lovely bride….I think most people would say I’m now reliving my wedding through others….I wouldn’t disagree with that statement 😛

Well I best be off…Nick’s just set the fire alarm off so that must mean dinners ready!!!


Nat xx

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Rainy Days and trying new things!

So I’ve been stuck in the house for the last three days thanks to the pantsness of a certain courier company …….*cough* UPS! And even though they’ve had my parcel for three days and telling me it was out for delivery every day it’s only just arrived today (Don’t get me started I could rant about it allllll day!)

So in my down time and throughtout the miserable weather I decided to try for the first time making some felt decorations!!! Now this stemmed from the fact that when I launched Ally’s Crafts I made the decision that I wouldn’t sell anything on it that I hadn’t tried to do or use myself! So now I’ve tried it i’ll be introducing felt….or ordering it and keeping it to myself 😉 I have to admit i’m a little bit hooked now and am proud of actually finishing a project for once!!!!!

So felt decoration number one…..

So I was so chuffed with this one although the bear looked a bit freaky when I tried to sew a face on lol

My second one I got from an awesome blog called allsorts by Jenny B Harris (you can find it here http://allsorts.typepad.com/allsorts/2006/05/softie_scotty_d.html)

This cute little scottie took me ages but with time on my hands I got through it and love it 🙂

 I had some felt pink people from hobby craft so I used that for the collar!

So despite being frustrated at being sat at home for most of the week I managed to get alot done and I know some of you are on the edge of your seats wondering what happened to the christmas cake I was making…..well here it is!!!


 Ta Daaaaaaaaaa!!!! I hope it tastes ok :S

Well all that’s left for me to say now is that I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and heres to a fab new year!!

Nat xx

















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Unpacking mayhem

So we moved house last week and we’re still unpacking!!!! I’ve lost all enthusiasm now and looking for any distraction I picked up an old knitting project! I think I’ve mentioned this one before but as the Queen of all things unfinished it is…..unfinished!!

I’ve only cracked on with it this morning in between moving and unpacking boxes (I figure if I move the boxes around then it might not look so bad!) I’ve had a very needy dog this morning so there’s one excuse to get out of unpacking 🙂



And here’s my WIP update on that knitting!

So this as usual is quite a simple patterened blanket using two balls of wool at a time. I got it from Lion Brand Yarns free pattern selection! It’s a nice and easy one (which is always good for me) and once you’ve got a hang of the blocks you don’t really need to have the pattern to hand (famous last words!)

Well I best get back to trying to make a dent in the unpacking…and then I can put the christmas decorations up 🙂

Nat x


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Ted Says!


Two in one day…..you didn’t really think I would do a Ted free post?? 🙂

So for today’s Ted moment we have……

Super Ted!!!!!



That's what I think of you!


That is all 🙂

Nat x


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