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What a Day!

I have had the most topsy-turvy day! It actually probably started yesterday when i had to take the car into the garage because it was playing up…..again! They took it off me over night as it wasn’t safe to drive as apparently … Continue reading

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Loooonnnnggg Day!

Urrrgggh I have had the longest day every…..A 7am start, a three-hour drive, four hours of meetings followed by another three-hour drive!! Oh I love my job 😛 Actually it’s not so bad like I’ve said before my team are quite chilled out … Continue reading

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I love Sundays….It’s usually my day to slob about before work starts tomorrow! Not today though! 😦 I have been seriously neglecting the housework this week and have a washing monster that’s spilling out of the laundry bin. so my plan … Continue reading

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So much going on!!

I know I’ve been slovenly and not written for a while but sooo much has been going on! I’ll start from the beginning! I have good news!! We’ve decided to bring our wedding forward!!! Instead of September 2012 we’re hoping to … Continue reading

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Writers Block

So I haven’t written for a few days and the block is still present! Theres been so much other stuff going on even the knitting….sorry had to break off for a second whilst I sorted out my grocery delivery (yes I am immensely … Continue reading

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Car Booty Craziness!

Well the car boot sale was a reasonable success! I made 77 pound! Unfortunately no one wanted my newly knitted blanket lol a bit of a disappointment there but overall i got rid of all the bits and pieces that i’ve had … Continue reading

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Just an add on!

Thought i’d add a picture of my latest finished project. Its not particularly complex but i’m quite proud i actually finished something (apart from weaving in the ends lol) 🙂

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